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Purple Buds

What is Life Coaching & How Does it Differ from Therapy?

For me, the analogy that best describes the difference between therapy and Life Coaching is that a therapist is more like an archeologist and a Life Coach is more like an architect.  


Therapists help you sift back through your past to connect prior experiences with current life functioning.  


A Life Coach is more like an architect.  Work begins where you are currently at in your life.  


The space between where you are and where you wish to be is where the magic of coaching takes place.  

Why work with a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone that partners with clients by 

empowering them to make, meet and exceed goals and intentions in their lives. 

I will help you to: 

  • make intentional space in your life 

  • refocus or redefine priorities

  •  hold you accountable

  • help you become clear about where you are and where you wish to be

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