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What is

Transition Coaching?

Change: The act or instance of making or becoming different.


Transition: The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Transitions are an inevitable part of the human experience.  Some transitions are small, some are big. Some are expected and others greet us unexpectedly. Some transitions are welcome and others catch us completely off guard.


Our response to the changes and transitions we face can be varied. We can rush to a resolutions, we can go inward and deepen our journey, we can avoid change at all costs or we can change by choice.

Examples of Transitions

  • Personal changes: changes in values, vision, purpose, goals, identity

  • Relationship changes: changes in relationship with romantic partners, family, friends, work colleagues

  • Lifestyle changes: different stages of life, children and parents moving through different stages of life

  • Physical Changes: health, aging, psychological changes

  • Career Changes: job, work location, industry, economy

  • Location Changes: home, region, nation, world

  • Financial Changes: income, inheritance, debt, bankruptcy

Why work with a
Transition Coach?

Working with a transition coach can help you to be more intentional about the transitions taking place in your life.  
I will help you gain insights about the transition process, work with you to clarify your vision and deeply support you as you move through a life transition. 

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