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Standing empty on top of a mountain view, Blank space cliff edge with mountain on clouds b
Standing empty on top of a mountain view, Blank space cliff edge with mountain on clouds b

 The only constant is change...



Michelle Cook, LCSW, BCC
Therapist & Life Coach




I began my journey into the helping profession in 1998 when my life started to unravel.  I had graduated from college but was uncertain what my next step would be. I had freedom to go in any direction and yet, it all felt scary and overwhelming. By 1999, I found my own rock bottom and realized I was at a critical crossroads. Stepping into life would require a great deal of vulnerability and it would challenge me to have to ask others for help and support.  Admitting that I needed help felt defeating but this critical step opened me up to so many opportunities. My family and the individuals who supported me though this time inspired me to live bigger. They showed me how important connection and process are and how crucial it is to honor our own journeys regardless of how messy they can be.


I received my Masters in Social work in 2003 from The State University of New York at Albany and worked as a therapist for several years. In 2006, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My transition into motherhood shifted my energies. I discovered Life Coaching and began pursuing training to become a coach through the Institute of Life Coach Training.  Life Coaching married all the things I loved about being a therapist but the starting point with individuals is like that of an architect (building, visioning, creating) rather than an archeologist (digging up past hurts and exploring their impact on the current).  I have found that both approaches can be powerful and beneficial tools in creating change and reaching full potential.


I am passionate about supporting individuals to both grow their futures as well as heal from their past and shift patterns that that may no longer be useful. I am humbled and learn so much from each of my clients as they grow and evolve.  If you are struggling to manage your emotions, seeking healing from past trauma or wanting to gain a deeper understanding of how your past impacts your present, therapy may be a good place to begin our work together. However, if you are going through a life transition, need support in rediscovering or clarifying life purpose or if you would like a holistic approach to taking inventory of your life and setting goals and intentions to help you live bigger, Life Coaching may feel more appropriate. Either way, we can work together to find an approach that works for you. 

                                    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

My Story

White Sand and Stone

My Approach

I believe in a holistic approach when working with clients. I blend a variety of therapeutic and life coaching modalities into my practice.  I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  I also have extensive training in trauma. Exploring  what approach works for each individual is a collaborative process of discovery, insight and growth.  I am passionate about helping individuals feel seen and creating a space where healing and transformation can occur.


Support That Makes a Difference

Bridge Over River


Embrace Life's Changes


Guidance & Inspiration

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Get the most out

of life

Touching the Surface

     Psychodynamic                      Therapy


          Gain Insight


            Thought-Based Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy                  (CBT)

  Gain Skills and Tools for Change

Navigating in Woods



    Learn to be Present

Wheat Field

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet. ”

Nancy Levin

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Reach Out

I believe it is important to find therapist or coach who is a good fit for you so I offer a complimentary 20 minute exploratory session. Please call or email to set up your session.

Phone: 720-295-7404

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